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AutoShip Program and Application


Payment: A secure form of payment, such as a credit card and debit cards (Visa, MasterCard) must be used for AutoShip. In the event that the payment is not authorized by the financial institution, BIOAGE will contact the client in order to obtain a difference credit card.  The AutoShip will be cancelled if we cannot reach the client within one week.


Changes: Any changes made to the AutoShip must be e-mailed or called in (you must speak with someone in person and not just leave a voice mail) 3 days in advance of the shipping date. To change AutoShip product selection, method of payment, shipping address, or the authorized amount, these changes must be provided to BIOAGE three (3) days prior to the change taking place.

It is the client's responsability to provide a corrrect shipping address where the order will be delivered.


If a three (3) day notice is not given to stop the AutoShip and the order is shipped there will be a 5% restocking fee applied to the refunded amount, and it is the responsibility of the customer to pay for any return shipping costs.


If you're AutoShip falls on a weekend or on a holiday, the order will be processed on the closest working day prior.






First Name:
Last Name:
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Billing Address (city, street, state, zip):
*if different from billing - Shipping Address (city, street, state, zip):
Are you a current retail customer of BIOAGE?:

Are you willing to leave your credit card information with our staff. (It will be kept in a secure way)?:

Select interval between orders (IN WEEKS OR MONTHS):

What will be the order (products and quantity)?:
Special request?:
You agree to inform us via email or telephone of any change to your order at least three days before the scheduled next order?:

You agree to inform us via email or telephone before the next shipment date of any change of address:

You have read and you agree to the terms listed on this page?:

Call us at 877-288-9116 for payment card or leave us a telephone number and time to call:









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