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Energy and revitalization

"I believe that the path to Wellness is firstly a journey within. Eating disorders, depression, Lyme; Olympians too have healing to do... Swimming in the vast sea of remedies, foods, and supplements available to us today can be very confusing. I've not found anything yet to bring me as much energy and revitalization as BioSuperfood.

I feel blessed to have come across Dr. Kiriac's formula to help give my brain and body the food that it needs!

~Catherine Garceau, Olympic Medalist, Sydney 2000.
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I have found the perfect complement


Master George Picard started martial arts training in 1971. He has trained in several styles of Okinawan Karate and teaches Okinawan Goju Karate Jutsu, Okinawan Kobudo and most major styles of Qi Gong and Tai Chi and Tai Chi Weapons at his Dojo in St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada.
"I have searched for the perfect supplement. I have found the perfect complement. BioSuperfood!"

- Master George Picard, October 2009 -


Athletic Performance: Your product sure lives up to its name as a superfood!

" Dear Roland, Just wanted to say thanks for all your support. It’s totally amazing how well Bio Algae works. My 2009 campaign is well under way. We have set a 50 and over Maine north to south record riding 390.2 miles in 31 hrs (Fort Kent Maine on the Canadian border to the New Hampshire border in Kittery Maine). I'd like to say the weather was perfect but we encountered rain and fog so thick that visibility was down to 10-12 ft for most of the first 8 hrs. Other than a brief thunderstorm and one wrong turn the rest of the ride was awesome. We raced in the Saratoga 24 hr over the weekend finishing 3rd overall making it to "the podium"; we rode a total of 368.7 miles averaging 15.37 miles per hr.

Your product sure lives up to its name as a superfood. I'm able to recover quickly. I haven't broken down staying healthy even when others around me are sick. My immune system stays strong, my joints and muscles recover quickly, and even in multi day rides where my daily sleep time is 2 hrs or less I stay mentally alert.

The big test this year will be in Ireland in September, when we try and win the Race Around Ireland (1350 miles in 5 days or less) averaging 275 plus miles per day with less than 2 hrs rest per day. Best Regards.

- Stephen Bugbee, Ultra Racer - July 2009



Strength-wise and endurance-wise I am making crazy improvements

"I have been taking this supplement now for a while, I started training three weeks ago and the improvements that I make are just insane. I take three in the morning and three in the afternoon and my friends, who are professional fighters, all ask me what I am using.

Strength-wise and endurance-wise I am making crazy improvements. It's the ONLY thing that I am taking next to Milk Thistle, no other things what so ever.

My neighbor is 56 years old, he used to be Stallone's bodyguard for 17 years, he's taking it too and can't believe what he's doing right now, training hard and recovering like crazy.

I truly believe that it can be only because of the BioSuperfood, since that's the only thing I use.

Everywhere I come people ask me what my training routine is, when I tell them that I started training three weeks ago after a 14 month layoff, they don't believe me.

Many will think for sure that I am doing something illegal, like steroids, but trust me, that stuff I don't use, they can actually test me with ANY test they want, and if they want to put their money where their mouth is, I will be happy that bet right away, I can always use some extra cash!

Try it out and see how it works for you, what do you have to lose right?


- Bas Rutten, October 2007
Three time undefeated King Of Pancrase and the undefeated UFC Heavyweight Champion. Visit Bas's website at



Sports Performance


"As a Medical Fitness Professional I always keep on the lookout for a better procedure or product for my clients and myself. The science and the "first in the food chain" concepts behind the Biosuperfood are beyond question (more on that later) ,so allow me to share some real world anecdotes about the effectiveness for athletes of all types. In my observations, I have found that BSF will:

  • Stabilizes blood sugar levels, allowing greater access to stored body fat.
  • Significantly raises Lactic Acid Threshold
  • High Anti-oxidant levels of product increase endurance and delay fatigue
  • High assimilation rate of absorption means reduced intake of other "Bulk" foods, resulting in weight stabilization.
  • Balanced EFA (Essential Fatty Acids) content normalises hormones, resulting in strength gains and vastly shortened recovery periods.
  • Protein content is the most assimilable ever measured, which means less total protein intake needed. Your liver and kidneys will thank you.
  • Brain chemistry normalizing aspects are astounding. Nervousness, irritability or fear before an event or competition are replaced with calm power.


Here are a few testimonials:

"A professional motocross racer came to me 20 minutes before his event with completely depleted adrenal glands and no energy. After taking 5 BioSuperfood(F3) he went out and won his race handily. He came back to me grinning asking "what was that stuff you gave me".

"A hard core amateur ski racer was experiencing severe calf cramping, and after 4 F3 capsules and 20 minutes they were gone."

"Weight trainers are reporting more repetitions per set, more weight lifted, less fatigue and faster recovery."

"I participate myself in long distance off-road motorcycle racing, some races being 100 miles long and 6 hours in duration. The fatigue can sometimes be at the level of marathon running, (I enjoyed? 3 hours of the Boston Marathon as a comparison) and recovery can take days. I take the F2 and F3 along with water (20 caps spread out during the day), whey protein powder, and Extran, an advanced sports drink. As I have been using the whey protein and Extran for years I can make a distinction as to the effectiveness of each product. The carbs and protein are obviously necessary from a calorie standpoint, but the addition of the Biosuperfood is profound. I can ride longer, more focused, zero cramping, and recovery is usually 1 day. There is no being like Well-being."

Thank you Dr. Kiriac.

Glenn Streeter ATC CES AFP - President, Medical Fitness Services Inc.
Golden, Colorado - June 2003





"Hi, my name is Todd Page and I am a top rated natural bodybuilder and trainer for 15 years.

I am also a Nutrition Consultant and Blood Microscopist. My early interest in nutrition and beliefs in natural ways, have led me early on in my career to organic food and natural health supplements choices for body development, stamina and recovery.

For 20 years now, I have used products like spirulina, bee propilis, wheatgrass, green juices, etc. 20 years ago, this was plain "weird" in my profession, but today, I see that this has paid off, as this summer, I will be competing again for the Mr. USA title. At age 38, my body is fitter than ever and I feel and look 15 years younger.

The first time I took BioSuperfood (BSF), I felt the difference right away. You see I am very sensitive to my metabolism. Any deviations from my form, I notice. Well I have tried many products over the years, but BSF tops them all. BSF has more naturally occuring nutrients, natural hormones and antioxidant protection than any known natural products, all the while fitting my criteria of being 100% organic and natural.

With BSF, I experience energy support throughout the day. As I am preparing for this summer's contest, I feel a big difference in my workouts, with stamina, endurance, with post workout recovery and reduced muscle and body pains.

In my gym, I now recommend BSF to clients for nutrition and support, for stamina, strength, natural steroids and post workout recuperation.

They notice the difference within days. As a Blood Microscopist, I am able to look at the result in their blood after the intake of BSF and over time. It's clear that BSF triggers blood cleansing and oxygenation."

- Todd Page - TOP USA NATURAL BODYBUILDER for 15 years - (male 38), Highlands Ranch, Colorado - November 2002.




Lack of Pain

" For the first 2.5 months, I did not notice much in terms of difference for good or worse. I was encouraged, though, by the lack of cleansing reactions as I had experienced on other algae products previously so I persevered.

I started with BIOSUPERFOOD F2 formula with the standard protocol increasing daily to 6-10 capsules. I started seeing some increased energy levels around that time. More precisely, I would say that my energy was more constant throughout the day and preventing that fatigue at the end of the work day.

Then I started using F3 from 6-10 day. 2 capsules 3 times per day seemed to be the right dose for me. Gradually, I noticed that I felt stronger during my training activities such as extreme skiing and cycling. What first surprised me was the lack of "pain" in the legs from lactic acid generation. This was very exciting because I found myself being able to push harder and tax my aerobic system instead of the legs. I first noticed this in a fun New Year's day cyclocross race. I had not been on the bike for close to 2 months and normally my legs would have been hurting from the effort, but instead I found myself feeling great. Later, I continued to experience similar things in my skate skiing. Going 40 kilometers on skis without the usual cramping and breakdown of the body. Overall, my mood is upbeat and positive and it's simply exciting to know that my cells are getting the best nourishment.

I am excited to continue taking BIOSUPERFOOD and push my level of performance.

- Guy Lacroix, Extreme Skier / Cyclist, Quebec, 2011

Please Note: The Food and Drug Administration has not evaluated these statements. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.



*Disclaimer: The Food and Drug Administration has not evaluated these statements. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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